The Game that They Talk About….

The game that I am talking about, looks almost like the “Tree of Life”.
Hallo Everybody! Today I have the pleasure to introduce you my new project, which I had prepared during the last two years. Slowly, step by step I had unfolded the process of creation of that Game. Since the beginning I truly wished to talk about it, but there was nothing to say at that time. Here came the end of 2014 the ending of my 20th-years long cycle of growing and learning. Today in the beginning of 2015 I am opening another one which will last in the next 40 years which I had enriched as a planning, but that is another topic.

I started gaining the sum of BGN 3.5oo to patent the Game. I am planning to produce and present it for mass playing of all the people from 2 to 202 years old.

I had prepared with my lawyer all about its patent and I had his support. That is why I am appealing all known and unknown people who would like to give away some money for realization of that project. Your name will be mentioned in the Game as its Donor, but if you prefer to be anonymous there will be no problem for that. In addition every donor will get some gifts like e-post card, e-book, a place for his or her name as a Donor and a personal dating with the author. You just have to scan the donation document and to send it to my e-mail: . All the good in this world happened with the help of some good people that is why I am so thankful to all of you and to all that great diverse of skin colors, nationalities and believes.

Basis for transfer of donation: You just can write “Donation for the Game” – nothing more!

ALLIANZ BANK                                     
IBAN: BG59BUIN95611000431451

When soon the Game became a reality I will be pleased to meet you and to play with you!

P.S.:As my first gift I will present you some information from the Annotation of the Book: