Brain Annotation of the Game

I do not follow my dreams; I make them come true even if I do not have enough money for them. The best news is that I have a decision for that problem. I am replacing the missing money with a lot of concentration and hard working about the cause. We all know that the dreams need a hard working that is why I am working bravely for them. I am reading, asking, meeting new people, looking for sources. Along with that all I do not forget to keep my eyes upon my intuition when I take a tour to find my own truth! May be you already know that if the man does not leave his hove ever he can not enrich it with anything else. The creativity, the perseverance, the personal attitudes and bringing things in practical dynamic type is the essence of my creativity being so alive! When I made a decision to work I started to prize my time. So now I am working hardly!

   I never will give up even many people have tried to impose me a fault for anything. When I was poor, I was guilty for being poor. When I became rich I was guilty for not sharing my wealth with the others… When I was stupid my guilt was that I was "clumsy". When I became smarter I am still flaunt how much I know! There is always something for what to be "in the gap". Along with that I often felt guilty if I take time for myself to relax, just be myself and do nothing. All around had blamed me for putting away my tasks sometimes or trying to escape from the pointless bickering….
   I’ve been looking for and finally I found my authenticity in my steps forward, in my deals and my path of creator that I’ve gone along till today. I do not race, compete and emulate because it can makes me lose my natural pulse of a happy person. I would probably turn myself into a strange machine for creation of so called material wellness and richness, but would it worth to be done and for whom to be done? I had finally found my inner complacency and happiness – that is my personal success. For the bigger part of the people success is a kind of  impermanent illusion the lack of which paralyzes them, but they don’t know that if they do not feel satisfied by their path of life, they had failed anyway! I had remembered those words quite well when they had passed through my mind for the first time, because I know I will need them even when I finish the game here, but my life will go on!

The Annotation of the author for the game called “A Game for 66.000.000$"